Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's get you set up in the most popular ecurrency programs:


E-gold is the most widely known, well-reputed and convenient digital currency in
the world. It's free, fast and easy to get an E-gold account. No documentation
(Identification, bank statements, etc) is required other than your name and
contact info (for password retrieval). You can open your e-gold account for
free. Funding (depositing) money to your e-gold account can be done via several
methods including credit card, bank wire, money order, direct deposits, checks
etc. E-gold instantly converts and stores your funds into gold because the price
of gold is more stable than any currency in the world. This gives you the
ability to buy/sell/exchange to any country! You will have the $USD or EURO
equivalent to grams of gold. Although e-gold is NOT a bank, it operates
similarily ... keeping your money steady ... and maintaing all transactions with
minimal fees.

UniClear - (Free $5.00 Join Bonus)

UniClear is a nice way of "tying it all together". It is one of the most
convenient of all ecurrencies because you can easily transfer your e-gold
currencies to it ... and then use them immediately with your uniclear debit

AlertPay is free to join and quickly becoming a favorite for
many reasons. AlertPay offers multiple funding and withdrawal including
e-currency (transfer to/from e-gold), bankwire, DirectPay, ACH, credit card and
more. Offering competitive rates for both personal and merchant accounts, they
have a plan to fit every need. An active "no freeze" policy ensures
worry-free/hassle-free account accessibility at all times.

I'm blown away by Vasco Investments compounding interest and am highly
recommending them as the start of your HYIP portfolio and investment. They have
been steadily increasing my money, effortlessly using compounding. Just
remember, past performance is NOT indicative of future ability. Programs fail
daily with no notice. So never, ever, ever spend more than you can afford to

Vasco Investment

This is my current favorite. The returns and percentages are realistic and
appear sustainable for the long term, which gives them more credibility in my
book, automatically. However, they don't need any points from me .. they've
already earned a reputation to be proud of with several years of online business

Something important to know about VascoInvestment is that your earnings rate
increases at certain points. When you've reached an account balance of $1,250.00
your percentage automatically increases from 1.9% daily to 2.5% daily. That's a
SIGNIGICANT increase ove the course of time. Once you hit 7200.00 your account
automatically increases to the highest percentage and earns you 3% daily. We got
a little impatient and added funds at every turn to hit the 1,250.00 point
today. We'll be earning much faster now ... and are content to just sit back and
watch it compound daily. It's currently earning nearly $40 per day ... which
will quickly get us to the $7200.00 level. Now we can just "forget about it".
Sure hope this one lasts ;) In short, compounding interest is lucrative .. many
companies have done away with it or made it something you have to do manually.
If you find a program offering compounded interest ... utilize it!

BUT remember ... past performance is NOT a guarantee of what will be tomorrow.
So always use caution.


SolidInvestment is a legal, Belize company that has established itself, by far,
as one of the most reputable and longest living HYIP's. SolidInvestment has
daily compounding rates between 1.8% and 4% daily. SI is a refreshing change
compared to the majority of programs out there. SolidInvestment has a stable
track record of profitable investments since 1998. Over 20,000 registered users
can't all be wrong. Investment minimum is only $10.00, advertised maximum is
$20,000, however amounts over $20k can be negotiated for higher returns. Return
rate is 1.3 - 3% daily ...! Effective March 06 .. their CEO announced good
returns and a new alliance that is allowing investors who AREN'T VIP to get the
same percentages that VIP normally get. During the next couple of months ... you
can easily get VIP rates .. however .. the withdraws can't be done daily as
normal. During this period .. the principle is locked for 60 days. The plan is
totally optional. You can still go with the normal plans at the standard rates
and either withdraw your interest or compound it daily. Withdraws can be made
daily to your e-gold account.

Reliable Investment

This is probably the lowest risk of all the programs at the current time. The
admin is well known in some hyip circles and started out as "just one of us" ..
a good friend, actually. He's now got a strong HYIP going that hasn't missed a
payment yet. The returns are between 1 - 2.25% daily. This would be a good
program for anyone starting out in HYIP or nervous about investing. The returns
and percentages are realistic and appear sustainable for the long term, which
gives them more credibility in my book, automatically. Highly recommended.

Marketiva Forex Trading

Update: 8/18/05 -- This site is HOT! Forex Trading is much more popular than I
had imagined and the tools that Marketiva makes available to traders are
outstanding. You even have "virtual trading" accounts available for you to
practice different strategies of trading before putting them to work for you on
the live desks. This system is fast. Trades are done in real time. It's exciting
and ... very profitable! If you contact me prior to joining I'll send you a
special "coupon" to use when joining to extend your benefits. As always ...
don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

Free Exchanges that Pay Interest while Advertising Your Site

Another way of getting in the "earn interest" game is within the advertising
industry. Previously known as the "autosurf phenomena". Members were paid for
simply "autosurfing" (sort of like watching a movie - websites would
automatically open and close, floating through your monitor) ... There's still
plenty around .. but most are scammers now ... they make a quick buck and
disappear before anyone gets paid. But it's my opinion that "autosurf" as we
knew it prior to the 12DailyPro/Stormpay Scandal in February of 2006 is on a
quick "phase out". But that's a good thing. It's a magnet for scammers ... and
it's become difficult for even the honest admin to manage to keep a site alive
for any length of time .. in the OLD "AutoSurf Mode". I knew in my heart that it
wouldn't last. Earning $720.00 a day for less than 10 minutes of "work" just
isn't "realistic". If it was legal and sustainable then the entire population of
the United States .. and any other country who knew about it would be making
their $720.00 a day in front of a monitor instead of doing the 9 to 5 routine.
I'm getting off track. Let me focus on what IS now instead of what WAS.

The "AutoSurf Industry" is slowly being phased out to a more realistic
"Advertising and Promotional Market". One that serious advertisers will be
interested in. An industry where the profits actually come from products and
services sold rather than from new members hard earned dollars (ponzi's).
There's already been some great strides made by a few of the Honest Admin who's
proven themselves to be leaders and truely invested in their business and
keeping their members paid and happy. It's also much easier to decipher the
fakes and the frauds from the "Diamonds" out there. Those serious about their
business and members are going to lower the risk factor and evolve ... NOT
increase risk or open new sites that are riskier than the ones who got shut down
last month.

This is due to an elite few honest Admin stepping up to the plate and showing
true leadership skills and taking the initiative to make some positive changes
to their sites that not only will make their programs more stable and create a
wider market. Or, as is the case with TMD, the plan was designed well to begin
with .. and no changes needed to be made to "conform". My hat is off, to the
admin of these sites: TheMatrixDaily, TenDaily and AlienSurf. They managed to
come through last months chaos SHINING. I won't spill it all here .. you can
check them out yourself ... but if you take the time to read their business
plans ... visit their forums and really check them out .... I'm confident that
you will see that my once, rather large list of recommended Surfs, has been
narrowed down to just 3 .. true winners, who made this list for one reason: They

Here they are ... the "winners", the most stable and financially secure sites
that have consistently paid me:

  1. TheMatrixDaily is the only paid to autosurf program I can recommend at the
    moment. Most others have disappeared since the Stormpay fiasco. But TMD has
    stayed strong and pays consistently within 30 minutes of cashout request. They
    are responsive to queries and have an active forum. Percentages you can earn
    depend on which upgrade you choose .. but range from 5 - 15% DAILY for 25
    days. I highly recommend this one.

  2. Alien Trust Vince is an exceptional webmaster and site admin. He weathered
    the changes of last month with awesome leadership skills. He got members
    involved and came up with a program that is much improved, makes good business
    sense and can now last for the long haul. I highly recommend AlienTrust.

  3. Ten Daily Great admin who communicates well with her members. And big
    kudos to her for the rapid changes made last month that ensured longevity. All
    that AND great payouts!


Albert Einstein

This is something I never imagined that I would get involved in. I've come to
live by the rule "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Yeah, I'm a
skeptic ;o) But, I'm glad I went with these, especially after my first HYIP
experience with ForeignFund, (or my more recent experience with FastMarket)
which after exciting me beyond belief with the profit I was making .... simply
disappeared from the members .... but continued to take in new money and
clients. I also try to keep the page updated with the litigation process ....
and if you were scammed by them you can get the contact information necessary to
add yourself to the claim against them.

HYIP, or High Yield Investment Programs are exactly as the title implies.
There is also a level of risk involved with them, so I've always been hesitant
and chose not to get involved.

If you've ever been interested in the financial world ... in stocks and bonds
or investments ... but you didn't have the time, knowledge or resources to
pursue it .. then this may be just the thing for you.

The safe way to play it is to get your initial investment out as quickly as
possible and then just keep investing (and compounding) your profits. I took out
my 50 and reinvested the $150.00 profit, which matures at $600.00 (4x) in 30
days. From this point forward, I use only the gained interest to invest .. every
term it just keeps growing, without risking anything except what I gained. And I
always take out a few "me dollars" when reinvesting the interest ... so no
matter what happens, I've already gained more than I put in. Rule number one:
Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Most programs require that you use e-currencies as the method of
investment/depositing. E-Currency accounts are easy to open ... free and make
transfering money to and from your bank, credit card, other currencies and the
progams you're in ... SIMPLE! We won't go into it here ... but having several
ecurrency accounts also gives you the added advantage of being in the "ecurrency
exchange" service. All day long people need to exchange currency from one form
to another. If you have the currency they're looking for .. you make money. This
was just a simple breakdown on one of the opportunities available with ecurrency